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What if.....

What stops you from being organized?

‘There are so many causes of procrastination, including fear of the unknown, you believe you will do it later, indecision, working on small tasks or the wrong tasks because they’re easier, a lack of motivation, you don’t know how to begin, you know the task will require effort and hard work, or you get distracted.’

Organizing is not a one size fits all approach. There are many details to consider when starting home organization. Who is using the space? Left or right-handed? What is the height of users? Are kids using the space? Are seniors able to reach? Are there disabilities or physical limitations? Do you have a budget? What is your budget? What space are you wanting to organize? Is the whole family using the space and how do we create a design that meets the needs of everyone?

What if life wasn’t so busy? What if you were able to make time in your daily schedule? What if petty things did not get in the way of organizing? What if you had a plan to help get you started? What if someone could assist in getting you started?

Does the very idea of pulling all these criteria into the word ‘organization’ seem overwhelming?

Hiring a home organizer to help you assess your needs and create a plan to get you started and keep you on track might be the best way to approach your organization process. The idea is not to completely organize your whole home in one day, but rather develop a plan to start at a manageable pace that can fit into your daily schedule. Creating systems that make sense to your lifestyle, home design, family functionality, and within your budget.

What if you had extra time in your day to spend with your loved ones while loving the space you live in? Would you invest in yourself?

What if you started today?

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